Favourite screencaps of the day: BBC Sherlock bravest not-leading-but-recurring character
(Sequel to THIS: because nobody would dare to call Mrs. Hudson just a “minor” character!)

  • One character who NOT ONLY never flinches at finding human severed parts in her lodger’s flat (at the utmost, she is a bit disgusted by his habit of keeping them near the food…), tolerates indoor shooting at every hour, isn’t perturbed in the slightest by the constant coming and going of all kind of subjects (including unsavoury ones), tolerates frequent break-ins on account of his lodger’s profession, and stands up to said lodger’s abrupt shattering all her most tender dreams about Mr. Chatterjee; BUT ALSO a character who manages to (understand the relevance and) conceal a vital item while being threatened, abused and battered by a terrifying team of “CIA trained killers”, all the time deceiving them into believing her just a harmless and silly old lady.

And guess what does this character have in common with the previous list of bravest minor characters?