Favourite screencaps of the day: BBC Sherlock bravest minor characters

  • One character who struggled with an extremely hard background (orphan, destitute, basically slave of a criminal gang), had the strenght to turn her back to it, to build a new, honest life for herself, to resist both threats and appeals to family bounds and keep faith to her conscience, and to stay to finish a work she felt committed to, even if this meant to risk her very life; one character who so overcame her fears, in the end, that she exposed a dangerous and vengeful criminal organization, helped in bringing it down, and didn’t even speak a word of hate or rage to the brother come to kill her.
  • One character who accepted to go out on a first date with a nice guy, found herself in the midst of a brawl where deathly weapons were drawn, managed to grab a stick and knock down the bad guy with the sword, thus saving the skins of both her aspiring boyfiend and his crazy best friend, and, after all of this, instead than expressing outrage at having been drawn into such a situation and leaving them to their own devices, simply tried to make the best of the rest of the evening and even helped in the investigation; one character who, after having been kidnapped and almost killed on account of her casual acquaintance with John, found in herself to keep dating him for several months.
  • One character who dared to make an unconditional promise for future help to a reckless, unpredictable, and danger-attracting person like Sherlock, just out of friendship and trust, and then kept it when he asked her help in defeating the most dangerous criminal mastermind - and criminal organization - in the history of British crime, also violating several laws in the process, seriously endangering both her safety and her career.
  • One character who found the courage to go directly against her superior officer, acting as whistleblower, when she felt her conscience demanded it, and therefore to put her very career - possibly her job - on the line in order to have (what she thought to be) the best interest of justice and security served.
  • One character who was so committed to her professional duties, to the care for her patients, that, soon after having been threatened with a gun and almost shot, instead of calling the police, or just having a very understandable breakdown, had the presence of mind to call the only person who might succeed in helping her patient without involving the police and placing HIM in further danger.

What have all these minor characters in common?