Welcome, thanks and infos, to all the new kind followers

Hallo everybody!

First of all, an apology for the delay: during this last ten days I saw a lot of new friendly faces on my dash, and thus it was about time for a proper greeting to all the kind people who’ve just started to follow me! 
So, here I am:

Hi, kind guests! Welcome to my blog! I very much hope you’ll enjoy it!!!
And please, don’t get scared by my occasional ramblings!

(Well, if you do, I’ll understand it, of course…)

As not all of you have probably seen my homepage, or the collateral pages, I’ll post here some information I think you could find useful:

  • I’m a long standing holmesian and thus this is mainly a holmesian blog: therefore, you’ll find here very few stuff which is not related, at least in some way, to Sherlock Holmes (you’ll occasionally find also some other Holmes-based characters), and that stuff, anyway, will be always tagged “out of topic”.
    You might, however, sometimes be presented with very strange connections or crossovers, due to me being a terrible nerd (so, be warned!).
  • I use the name (and the tag) “Sherlock” to refer to modern BBC Sherlock (both the character and the show), while I use the name and tag “Sherlock Holmes” to refer to the original canonical character and all the following adaptations, with the exception of BBC’s. I post a lot of original quotes, which you may find tagged  under “Arthur Conan Doyle” or under the title of the corresponding short story/novel (I generally use to precede the title with “The Adventure of…”). I like to point out precise or funny references to the Canon in modern adaptations, particularly in Sherlock
  • I’ve always been interested in the character of Mycroft Holmes and in the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and his elder brother (as well as in any topic related to the Holmes Family); as BBC Sherlock has provided new fuel to this interest, you’ll find a lot of posts related to this topic. Pray, consult the specific page for all the related tags

  • I must particularly warn you that the posts tagged “ramblings” contain my own speculations about the series (and sometimes about the Canon) and could be quite prolix… I also had to create a new page with a Ramblings’ Index so as not to get lost into my own stuff. 
    It also includes some crazy prophecies about Series 3 of Sherlock (sometimes even with hints to Series 4…), which you can find under the general tag “keywords” or even under the specific tags “s3 rat”, “s3 wedding” and ”s3 bow”. Visit it at your own peril!

  • I like apocryphals and fanfictions, so you’ll find a whole section (and many posts tagged accordingly) devoted to apocryphals, and every now and then some recommendation of fanfictions I particularly liked (or even ventured to write…) under the tag “fanfiction”; you may also find a sort of parody/fanfiction/photostory in the page “A history of…

  • Finally, I must warn you that my work doesn’t leave me as much free time as I’d like, so I’m compelled to keep the number of blogs I follow quite low, even because I like to pay real attention to the posts that appear on my dash, and not just scroll quickly past things. So don’t be offended when I’m not able to follow you back. I’ll probably end up finding your wonderful stuff nonetheless, either through reblogs or while searching Tumblr by interesting tags. And please be patient if sometimes I’m a little slow in answering your questions (I ALWAYS reply, and I promise I’ll reply as soon as possible), or my posts and updates are not as frequent as usual; I’ll try anyway to keep always a queue running, I promise!

Thank you all again! I really hope you’ll enjoy this blog! Cheers!!!