Aug 8

A little ethology column…

Gentle Tumblr user, today we are going to speak of a very common, albeit very fascinating, phenomenon of the animal world: the migration of neurons towards South in the human male.

As the photoset above illustrates quite clearly, the phenomenon of the migration of neurons towards South affects a vast majority of human males when placed in front of a naked (and possibly pretty) female specimen of the same species.

This migration of cerebral cells towards southern regions, in such conditions, appears to happen regardless of the human male’s above average intellect, as well as of his below average proclivity to human interaction, or also of his knowledge that the female specimen in question is totally unreliable and dangerous.

You may take this scene from A Scandal in Belgravia as a good illustration of how natural phenomena like this one still have a strong hold on our species (and on certain consulting detectives…).